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Active Ingredient: Furosemid:

Lasix has pronounced diuretic (diuretic) and moderate hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) action.





According to the instructions, it is advisable to take Lasix with the following diseases and conditions:

1. edematous syndrome of various origin (the most frequent indication for Lasix)

2. Acute renal failure (especially in pregnancy and the postpartum period)

3. Preeclampsia pregnant

4. Forced diuresis (artificial stimulation of urination) with different chemical intoxications

5. Hypertension (drug is used in the complex therapy); hypertensive crisis (as a support means)

According to the above indications, take Lasix edema of different origin and localization, including:
edema in acute and chronic heart failure;
swelling in chronic renal failure;
swelling of liver diseases, including cirrhosis of the liver;
edema nephrotic syndrome1
swelling of the brain;
pulmonary edema.

The list of indications for Lasix present condition called pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. This is a serious condition, which is accompanied by swelling, high blood pressure, rapid weight gain, proteinuria. Despite the fact that, due to the penetration of furosemide through the placenta to the guide does not recommend the use of Lasix medication during pregnancy, your doctor may allow after the assessment ratio "potential benefit to the mother / potential risk to the fetus."


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LASIX is a diuretic of quick action, by its chemical structure derived sul′famida. The Reader immediately understand what is at stake is the original drug furosemide from global pharmaceutical Corporation sanofi aventis. The mechanism of action of antidiuretic laziksa is inhibiting the reabsorption (reuptake intake) ions of sodium and chlorine in renal bone. Thus, the body more readily parted with sodium (with chlorine too, but the first has a much greater clinical significance), resulting in a cascade of secondary potentiated effects: increase in the volume of urine, increased excretion of potassium ions, calcium and magnesium. It is characteristic that when readmission LASIX his dioretical activity continues unabated.

You do not need to pay extra money for a doctor, if you are know exactly and believe exactly what medication you need and you can buy LASIX without a prescription. But we strongly recommend that you visit your physician to clarify treatment plan and if necessary the collection of necessary tests, despite the fact that online pharmacy without prescription furosemide

In patients with chronic heart failure drug in the shortest possible time impact prednagruzku (this occurs due to vasodilation of the venous Riverbed), "stravlâet par" (read: reduces pressure) in the pulmonary artery and left ventricular Chamber. Swiftness of its pharmacological effect is believed to be specialists, LASIX is obliged to prostaglandins, therefore, a prerequisite to the drug turned "to its fullest, is the normal functioning of prostaglandins, as well as adequate working kidneys. LASIX has provides antihypertensive effect, based on enhanced excretion of sodium out of the body, increased diureze and related decrease in volume of circulating blood, decrease the sensitivity of smooth muscle of the blood vessel walls to sosudosuživaûŝemu influence. In the latter case, it is, first and foremost, kateholaminah: due to increased sodium excretion LASIX softens increased (that is characteristic of high blood pressure) reaction vessels on these powerful vazokonstrictora. As demonstrated by clinical trials involving healthy volunteers, diuretic and salureticescoe effect is observed in the employment drug LASIX in the range from 10 to 100 mg.

After injecting 20 mg drug dioreticeski effect began to occur 15 minutes and lasted about 3:00.

Producer mastered the production of two dosage forms: tablets and laziksa solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection. LASIX treatment recommended using the lowest effective dose of the drug. It should be noted the therapeutic effect dose dependence medication, as well as mention that LASIX has a very high pharmacological "ceiling" (his activity increases in a wide range of doses). Despite the stated two ways parenteral (intravenous and intramuscular), the second one is used only in exceptional cases, when there is no opportunity to enter the solution into a vein or consume the pill.

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Likewise relates intravenous and oral use: an injection is made only in situations where, for some reason not possible taking drugs inside, have been violations removals of furosemide in the small intestine or need very fast obtaining therapeutic effect. When using injection mold LASIX is recommended as soon as possible transfer the patient to the tabletirovannuû form. Before the beginning of Pharmacotherapy to rule out a distinct violations of urodynamics (outflow of urine). During treatment desirable control of concentrations in the blood of sodium ions, potassium, as well as creatinine. Particularly careful monitoring should be carried out for patients prone to violations vodno-elektrolitnogo balance (which can serve as diarrhea, vomiting or intense Hyperhidrosis). During the medical course are encouraged to enrich their diet with potassium, which introduce the menu foods such as lean meat, tomatoes, cauliflower, spinach, potatoes, bananas, dried fruits, etc. Sometimes depending on the situation you may need potassium supplementation.

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