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Active Ingredient: Misoprostol:

Cytotec is a drug used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.




In accordance with the instruction of Cytotec, a drug used for the prophylaxis and in the treatment of erosions and ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract.

With the ability to help reduce the myometrium misoprostol, is used Cytotec for abortion. In this case, the drug is used in combination with mifepristone antigestagens, under the supervision of a gynecologist.


Cytotec: Modern tablets for abortion

Why women choose abortion using the pills for pregnancy termination?
 For several reasons. This method is safer than other interrupts. While abortion is more natural. No surgery and/or anesthesia. Tablets can be taken home. Pills for early termination of pregnancy can be used from the first days of pregnancy. It's easier and easier method to terminate the pregnancy. Sytotec is a powerful drug, and now you can buy cytotec online in online pharmacy. Order cytotec you carefully read the instructions for use supplied with the drug, and be sure to consult your gynecologist and doctor-specialist that would see exactly the required dose for you. This article provides general information for the use of the drug cytotec without prescription.

 Tablets contain as the active principle, drug Sytotec (cytotec abortion), which is an analogue of prostaglandin E1, prostaglandin in natural form-controls the contractions of the uterus during childbirth. The use of Cytotec tablets in the first months of pregnancy causes chemical, medical abortion (without surgery), with an efficiency of almost 98%. The most commonly used methods: oral party pill, vaginal introduction or both ways simultaneously. There are a variety of research methods introduction and their effectiveness. It is generally recommended that you drink 3 pills and enter the vaginal path still 3 PCs.

The advantages of this method of abortion

 Don't need one additional dose pill or any other additions yet, Furthermore, these pills do not have contraindications or serious side effects.

An abortion can occur in most cases, the following 4-8:00 after the reception.

 Keep in mind that this method of abortion 98% efficiency without risk and only 2% are some complication, a small gravity.

It is recommended that before using the abortion pill:

1. be 100% certain that the pregnancy is, preferably with the help of laboratory blood tests.

 2.-to know the exact time of conception. The smaller the period of pregnancy, to interrupt, so will be easier. Always more pregnancies, there is a greater risk of complications, and vice versa.

 Do an abortion using the pills up to 3 weeks, very simply, is highlighted, only 1 or 2 clot generally normal looking, but it is likely to happen in some cases bleeding and you will need to repeat poceduru.

 Period 4-8 weeks is the perfect and safe time for single use Cytotec miscarriage happen without any type of complications.

 Abortion in the early stages of using the pill, up to 8-weeks most light, woman usually recovers very quickly after the drug, is only 4-5 blood clots and a little fabric okoloplodna bags, and on the second day it can lead your normal life.

 Using the pill can safely have an abortion before 8 weeks. About 12-14 weeks of pregnancy, you can also do this, but of course, the bleeding will be more intense in comparison with 12 weeks or less for a period, so you will need to take special medications and vitamins, to restore the blood loss. Now you can buy cheap cytotec and it became much faster, more convenient, and anonymously. Use the online pharmacy perejtâ link and you buy cytotec online by completing the order form. You can get advice on delivery time and the drug which is sold no prescription cytotec. You have to know exactly what's in it for you safely, obsleduâs′ your doctor gynecologist.

 If more than 14 weeks of pregnancy, the risk increases because the size of the fetus and the placenta is greater and there is a strong likelihood that there is fully okoloplodnaâ bag. Therefore, it is not recommended to use pills more than 14 weeks of pregnancy. Online pharmacy operates in many countries around the world, providing quality healthcare products to its customers. We appreciate the trust of customers and value our reputation. Even if you are outside the USA, such as Australia, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada. You can easily purchase cytotec online no prescription. Delivery is carried out in many countries of the world, clarify you can phone center or online pharmacy link. Find you in a search engine by typing query such buy cytotec australia or buy misoprostol or cytotec buy online online uk and add the address of our website We would be very grateful if you tell about us to your friends, relatives and acquaintances of people.

 3.-to carry out the procedure for medical termination of pregnancy is recommended in terms of finding women at rest and under the supervision of doctors, at least for two days. It is better not to leave her alone. It is recommended that the patient relax first and foremost emotionally, give her medical care. You need to take into account that the patient feels lonely and possibly extremely nervous. She may have some anxiety: how to headache, nausea, fever, pain in the pelvis, abdominal pain and nausea, in addition to various other somatic symptoms of anxiety, low blood pressure, fear it is important, therefore, that it was accompanied by a spouse or best friend that she had emotional support. Anxiety is usually short-lived and mild.

 4. bleeding is often the first sign that the abortion started bleeding during pregnancy is usually a bit more sufficiently than bleeding during normal menstruation, and can be blood clots. Once an abortion with the removal of the fetus is over, bleeding may last for several days, in some cases, as up to a maximum of fifteen generally, which will diminish gradually in intensity until, depending on a woman's body. Menstrual cycle comes back four to six weeks later. There are special pill that reduces the intensity of bleeding.

 5.-If, after the termination of pregnancy, no fever or cramps, it means that everything went well.

 But if the patient temperature rise and (or) muscle cramps, it is an indicator that the fetus is not completely removed, the woman must be immediately delivered to hospital or clinic to conduct scraping. This very rarely happens, but is the only risk that is.

 If no fever and (or) seizures, usually when doctors learn that the patient had an abortion, recommends scraping, but often they do it simply with the intent to make money.

 6.-you need at least 7 days to take antibiotics to prevent infections and tablets with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, fever reducing properties (in pain).

 7.-Then you need to take the pill for uterine contractions, (during pregnancy, the uterus increases in size). This will contribute to the cessation of bleeding and the end of the allocation of blood clots.

 8.-this method is one of the least aggressive and most secure. It's always better to drink a pills instead of injections or use invasive techniques which roads, traumatic and dangerous.

 9.-But you should always remember: there are condoms to prevent pregnancy and pills, creams, patches, etc., i.e. modern methods of contraception, which is better, you are certainly now going to evaluate more consequences. And previously, be sure to consult a gynecologist.
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